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Introducing Jennifer PORTER... 

Growing up in Wollongong provided endless opportunities to be inspired by familiar Illawarra and South Coast environments including the escarpment and local bushwalks, the rock pools and the beautiful beaches. This area is an amazing place to live, work and raise a family. As an artist, I aim
to capture the essence of both natural and man-made landmarks in this area. I have enjoyed the easy access to coastal and bushland settings, regularly accessing the Blue Mile, National Parks and local bushwalking tracks. Regular trips to the Southern Highlands and to visit family in the Southern Tablelands, and the journey up and down Macquarie Pass have also been a starting point for many art pieces, focusing on the changing landscape, colours and plant life.

My artwork directly responds to the environment and I use every-day experiences as a starting point. Working from photographs of the locations, or sometimes working from memory (which can be dangerous!), I transfer my interpretation through drawing an outline of what to include. This forms the basis of the artwork, and from here, an intuitive process of adding colour, shapes and line work complete the art, often without a preconceived notion of what the outcome will be. Acrylic paint forms the base coat, with texture and detail added through shape and line. Not focused on
perfect recreation of the setting, at times the shapes and colours used will seem dissociated from their usual form. Viewers are invited for form their own interpretation of the setting.

My work is shared regularly through Instagram - @jenporter_art

MAP : 6/45 Rowlins Road, Gerringong

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Scan the QR Code alongside the artwork at the venue to purchase artwork/s. The QR code will direct you to the webpage that shows what artwork is available at the venue.

Simply click on the artwork you wish to purchase, pay online using the various payment methods. Sorry no cash transactions.

Show your payment receipt of to Staff and ask them to take artwork off the wall for you.

Thank you for supporting the Expressive Art Wall Trail. We know you will enjoy your new artwork purchase. 

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